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Your gift to the Minnesota Stroke Association demonstrates your support for our mission as well as your dedication to helping prevent stroke across Minnesota. The Minnesota Stroke Association relies upon the community to provide financial support for its programs and services. If you are looking to make a contribution in memory of or in honor of someone, please include that information in the comment section to have your contribution recorded in our database correctly. The Minnesota Stroke Association is a 501(c)(3) organization.
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  1. In Honor of the 70th birthday of Jeff Martin. Please send acknowledgement to Jeff Martin, 2709 Irving Avenue south, Minneapolis, MN 55405 From Nancy Brown

  2. In honor of the cyclisits I met who were on a memorial ride in the Cities during the summer of 2017.

  3. This donation is in loving memory of Dolores Diekrager of St Paul, a dear family friend and “second mom” to me. With love,
    Nancy and John Mock

  4. Thinking of stroke survivors and especially my buddy, Carl Antus. God bless you guys!

  5. Our gift is made in the loving memory of Nacey Johnston. We will miss her so! She was a loving lady and with the help of this donation we hope we can make advances so her loss was not in vain.

  6. This donation is made in memory of Garrett Berg. A kind young man who was taken from this world far to soon. You are missed. Fly High GB!
    Andy, Celeste, Isaac and Jonah Ask

  7. We are thinking of you, Jeremy, Melissa, Carter, McKenna and Braelyn during difficult time. I know he is watching over you and protecting you all. ❤
    The Ask Family

  8. Memorial donation in memory of Connie Young who over the past 16 years suffered TIA strokes many times.

  9. I had a stroke six years ago. They were thinking I should go to a nursing facility. I spend seven weeks in the hospital learning how to walk again. I walk out but my left side doesn’t work to good. But now I get out and walk with my cane I passed a driving test and my mind is still real good. I will be 75 on Dec 24 and thankful for every morning I can get up and go. There is a lot of people that have it much worse than me. Take care and stay healthy.
    It’s a different world today.

  10. This donation is to Honor the neurologists and staff of
    Neurological Associates of Saint Paul, PA
    1650 Beam Ave
    Maplewood, MN 55109
    and to acknowledge the excellent care they consistently provide to stroke patients throughout the continuum of care.
    Assuming they will receive an acknowledgement, please direct to Nadeem Iqbal, MD. Thank you.

  11. I first donated in 2018 after meeting some cyclists it the Cities who were out on a memorial ride. It is my privilege to continue this tradtion of donating that was inspired by them.

  12. We live in Wisconsin, but we lived in South St Paul from 2015-2020. I had a major stroke (11/18/2015) and from 2016-18 I had a very special Speech Therapist, Evan Page, who pushed me to get better. My aphasia will always be part of our lives, but we’ve found a way to make things work for us now. We appreciate “Mind Matters” and the articles show that we are not alone. Caregivers, like my amazing wife, Sarah, keep us going forward. Thank you.

  13. In memory of Jessica Porter, and in honor of Chris Porter’s completion of the David Goggins 4x4x48 challenge.

  14. The donation is from Eide Bailly LLP Summer Leadership Program.

  15. In honor of Steve Steingruebl who passed away this month from a stroke.

  16. Making a donation in honor of Steve Steingruebl who passed away unexpectedly on June 13, 2021. May he rest in peace and his memory be a blessing.

  17. Donation made on behalf of Ethan Fawley in memory of his mother by his friends in the soccer community: Neal, Charlie, Jim, Joe, Brian, Steve, Bruce, Bill, Adam, Pat, Doug and Rich.

    Keep on doing great work.

  18. In memory of Ellen Weibel. Please send acknowledgment to Mr. Glenn Weibel, 540 1st Street, Winsted, MN 55395.

  19. In Loving Memory of Tim Skusa, Burnsville. His loving wife Jane and children – Jackie, P.J, Amy and Joey.
    Ms. Jane Skusa
    11212 Lake Court
    Burnsville, MN 55337

  20. In support of the amazing programming offered to stroke survivors across the state. You make a difference!

  21. This is in memory of Duane Lorn Baker, who is survived by his wife Loa Baker 800 West Lyon , Lake City, MN 55041. Duane and Loa often give a ride to Farmington to see Celeste Ask after her stroke. Her grandparents were unable to drive, Duane and Loa were often offered.

  22. This is in memory of Duane Lorn Baker, who is survived by his wife Loa Baker 800 West Lyon , Lake City, MN 55041. Duane and Loa often give a ride to Farmington to see Celeste Ask after her stroke. Her grandparents were unable to drive, Duane and Loa were often offered.

  23. In memory of Duane Baker, survived by his wife Loa. 800 W Lyon, Lake City, MN 55041 . Loa and Duane give a ride to Celeste Ask’s grandparents after her stroke to Farmington, where she lives.

  24. In memory of Kathleen Ulrich. Our deepest condolences, from Larry Schoenecker and your friends at BI WORLDWIDE.

  25. On Behalf of Darlene Yotter, Grand-daughter of Celeste Ask, and Darlene’s daughter of Barb and (Walt), she passed on 05-14-2022.

  26. This donation is in memory of “Roma” Rose Marie Johnson.
    -Brian, Becky, Terry, Dwayne, Shelly

  27. In memory of RoseMarie “Roma” Johnson.
    Rest is peace Roma🙏🏻
    From Robyn’s friend “G”

  28. In memory of Robert Thomas Shelquist c/o Caroline Shelquist 8025 Fairchild Ave Mounds View MN 55112

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