Strides for Stroke

Strides for Stroke

You can either donate to a Team or to Strides for Stroke - all donations help provide services to people affected by stroke. It also helps support our state-wide stroke prevention and education services.

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Additionally, you may collect cash/checks to hand in the day of Strides for Stroke. Online donations will be reflected in Team Totals within three business days.

Please contact Andi if you have problems with making an online donation

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List of Teams

Choose a Team Page from this page. Team donation totals will be updated on Monday, Wedesday and Friday throughout Strides for Stroke.

Team Name Team Captain Donation Total Location
Allina BE FAST Walkers Heather Odell $515 Twin Cities
Anyla's Angel's Anel Braziel $75 Twin Cities
At Home Living Angel Fawcett   Duluth
Barb's friends and family Barb Jeffers $225 Twin Cities
Bethesda Hospital Jackie Mickelwright $100 Twin Cities
Big Mac Emily Robillard $100 Twin Cities
Board Striders Vivian Martin $1,375 Twin Cities
Brink for David Kim Smith   Saint Cloud
Broden Anna Stensrud $100 Saint Cloud
Bryan's buddies Andrea Sjoquist $360 Twin Cities
Carol's Crew Teresa Sandberg


Twin Cities
chance Jeannine Allen $86 Duluth
Clot Busters Ted Anderson $300 Twin Cities
Code Stroke Team Pamela Hermes $341 Duluth
Dawn's pretty good team #20 Dawn Kinnunen $448 Twin Cities
Disability Specialists Mesa Siebert $50 Twin Cities
Essentia Health Hikers Sheila Davidson $20 Duluth
FAST Friends Michelle Gray-Ansari $150 Twin Cities
Fred's Krauts Paula Jackson $170 Twin Cities
GI Joe Joe Oppold   Twin Cities
Go Girls Jamie Thielman $95 Saint Cloud
Grandpa's Angels theresa presecott $50 Twin Cities
HCMC Kathleen Paul $675 Twin Cities
Hugs for Barb Cynthia Harmer $1,275 Twin Cities
Jen's Journey Jen Kirchen $20 Twin Cities
Karen's Gold Linda Tibbetts $87 Twin Cities
Kathy Berndt Kathy Berndt   Duluth
Kate Ward Kate Ward $50 Twin Cities
Kathy Berndt Kathy Berndt $50 Duluth
Kathy's Krusaders Randy Lee $1,160 Saint Cloud
Kellan's Krusaders Anisha Mueller $525 Twin Cities
Ken's Friends Lynnette Brevig $100 Twin Cities
Koller Family Stephanie Koller $285 Twin Cities
Life is Fragile Celeste Ask $100 Twin Cities
Lynnie's Love Allison Frush $1,020 Twin Cities
M Health Karisa Wandersee


Twin Cities
Mason Hansen John Kritz $25 Twin Cities
Meckenna's Team Butterfly Chessa Woetzel $50 Twin Cities
Mercy Support Services Brittney Bucy $140 Twin Cities
Michele Warriors Jamie Roth   Twin Cities
Minnesota Miracle LeAnn Heim $375 Saint Cloud
Moeller-Leeb Team Izabelle Leeb $285 Saint Cloud
Mollie & Talha Lauren Bunge   Twin Cities
Mollie & Talha Mollie Clark   Twin Cities
MSA Staff Team Duluth Andi Billig   Duluth
MSA Staff Team Saint Cloud Andi Billig   Saint Cloud
MSA Staff Team Twin Cities Andi Billig $175 Twin Cities
Nemah Nemeh Al-Sarraj   Twin Cities
Okie Dokie Strokes Karen Knutson $300 Twin Cities
One Mile for Will I Am Jody L. Mattila   Duluth
Paws for Thought Andi Billig $25 Twin Cities
Peace of Mind of Duluth Noelle Sarvela $40 Duluth
Rashena Molina Rashena Molina $50 Twin Cities
Regions Stroke Center Carol Droegemueller $370 Twin Cities
Sartell Donna Sartell $240 Twin Cities
Seal The Deal Barbara Henry $275 Twin Cities
Skinner's Team Chris Skinner $940 Twin Cities
Southdale Stroke Superheroes Christine Salvosa $575 Twin Cities
St Luke's Inpatient Rehab Melinda Beare $200 Duluth
St Cloud Hospital Stroke Center Team Angie Moscho $110 Saint Cloud
SUE'S Stroke Warriers Vern Beckermann $400 Saint Cloud
Team 23 Molly James $175 Twin Cities
Team Bob Brent Weyer $1,360 Twin Cities
Team Bonnie Miranda Evenson   Saint Cloud
Team Brown Paul Brown $70 Twin Cities
Team Carol-mamma girls Cassandra Vaughn   Twin Cities
Team Dorian Marta Nelson $2,150 Twin Cities
Team Ette Anna Duffy $200 Twin Cities
Team Kate Kate Wehr $1,200 Twin Cities
Team Makayla Marti Brenner   Twin Cities
Team Ned Stephanie Peck $165 Twin Cities
Team Paul Paul Kozy   Duluth
Team Red Nick Lahr $715 Saint Cloud
Team Russ Sue Cardinal $585 Twin Cities
Team Sakry Diane Sakry $40 Twin Cities
TEAM SPEAR william spear $50 Twin Cities
Team Tangey Ine Tangeman $3,000 Twin Cities
Team Two River Susan Theising $175 Saint Cloud
Team Zenk Penny Zenk $140 Saint Cloud
Ted LaValley Ted LaValley $50 Twin Cities
The B.F.D.'s Carl Antus $1,255 Duluth
The Latecomers Bradley Donaldson $540 Twin Cities
The Rehabers Joyce Belanger $175 Saint Cloud
United Hospital Stellah Morara $50 Twin Cities
(No Team Indicated for donations)   $2,260  
Total Raised - Duluth   $1,942  
Total Raised - Saint Cloud   $3,825  
Total Raised - Twin Cities   $26,010  
Grand Total   $31,777