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Nearly 5 million people in the United States today have survived a stroke, affecting four out of five American families. Caring for a stroke survivor can be stressful.

You may be concerned that:

  • Your loved one will have another stroke
  • You or your loved one won't be able to accept the changes caused by the stroke
  • The stroke survivor in your life might be placed in a nursing home
  • You aren't prepared to face the responsibility of caring for a stroke survivor and that friends and family may abandon you

You are not alone! These concerns are common to many stroke survivors and their caregivers. If you're a new caregiver, click here for information about caregiving.

As a caregiver, you can take steps to make the transition from hospital to home easier on everyone:

  • Try to encourage as much independence as possible
  • Allow your loved one to make decisions
  • Support participation in leisure activities
  • Try to take an occasional break from caregiving
  • Ask for help from family, friends or community organizations
  • Tips for dealing with family members by phone – click here
  • Call us at 763-553-0088 for more information

Online caregiver resources:

Sister Rosalind Caregiver Massage Retreats
Sister Rosalind is the founder of the Sister Rosalind Schools and Clinics of Massage, with locations throughout Minnesota and North Dakota. Over 10,000 people have taken her massage classes and she has been internationally recognized as a true massage pioneer. She has been featured in Time Magazine and last year was inducted into the Massage Hall of Fame.

For nearly 25 years, Sister Rosalind has been serving the community with therapeutic massage through her "Massage Ministry". In the same spirit of serving the community, she is now turning her focus to the increasing number of family caregivers who are undergoing extraordinary stress from the competing demands of work, family and caregiving. This stress has resulted in emotional, physical and financial hardships and higher rates of depression, divorce and death among caregivers.

For more information, visit www.caregiverprograms.org, Sister Rosalind's Web site or call 651-554-3013.

StrokeNet - online stroke support community - Meet other caregivers from all over the world! Share your stories, ask questions, learn from others just like you. Entire section devoted just to caregivers addressing burn out, support and more.

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