Stroke Matters

The Minnesota Stroke Association publishes a newsletter called Stroke Matters. Stroke Matters provides information on issues important to the stroke community including: real-life stories from people affected by stroke, navigating life after stroke, advances in rehabilitation therapies, upcoming events, and education and advocacy opportunities. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please click here and fill out our online form.

Stroke Matters

Stroke Matters Fall 2016
In the Fall/Winter edition of Stroke Matters, read about Randi life following stroke, Ronni's life experience transferring to Case Management and more.

Stroke Matters Spring 2016
In the Spring/Summer edition of Stroke Matters, read about Stroke Support Groups, how Dorian survived the stroke odds, Jennifer moves forward with healthy life choices, employer helps Brian return to work, and more.

Stroke Matters Fall 2015
In the Fall/Winter edition of Stroke Matters, read about the journey to stroke recovery, life after stroke, our Public Relations department and more.

Stroke Matters - Spring/Summer 2015
Read running to raise awareness of stroke, a youth with a strong throwing arm, Stroke Awareness Month, Strides for Stroke and more.

Stroke Matters - Winter 2014-2015
Read about a charity fundraiser that is focused on stroke awareness, our Speaker's Bureau, why giving is important and more!.

Stroke Matters - Spring/Summer 2014
Read how Randy discovered she was having a stroke, the 2014 Strides for Stroke, how Resource Facilitation can help stroke survivors and more.

Stroke Matters - Fall/Winter 2013
Read how aphasia affects daily life, the Twin Cities Marathon ActFAST Run Team, care coordination and more.

Stroke Matters - Spring/Summer 2013
Read about stroke through the eyes of a sppech language pathologist, writing a book following stroke, stroke awareness month and more.

Stroke Matters - Fall/Winter 2012
Read the inspiring stroy of Kellan's Krusaders from the 2012 Strides for Stroke, Fighting for Independence, Strike out Stroke Day with the Minnesota Twins and more.

Stroke Matters - Spring/Summer 2012
Read about Act FAST In Action, the 2012 Stides for Stroke, Aphasia Groups and more.

Stroke Matters - Fall 2011
Read how a minor sports mishap leads to an amazing story, challenges for baby boomers, Nancy Cardinal, disparities or opportunities.

Stroke Matters - Summer 2011
Read how a man built a sailboat after having a stroke, the 2011 Strike Out Stroke and Strides for Stroke, Stroke in adolescents and young adults, and more.

Stroke Matters - Spring 2011
Read how good support systems are important in recovery and rebuilding lives following stroke, Stroke Awareness Month, stroke prevention, our Annual Report and our annual Aphasia Luncheon.

Stroke Matters - Winter 2010-2011
Read how a stroke during childbirth left Susanne with an unexpected challenge, managing the holidays, and legacy options.

Stroke Matters - Fall 2010
Read about a prenatal stroke survivor, new services for Minnesota Stroke Association members, volunteering and challenges to readers.

Stroke Matters - Summer 2010
Read about a CEO's stroke story, services and resources available to consumers, Strikes for Stroke and Strike Out Stroke.

Stroke Matters - Spring 2010
Read about Aphasia Conversation Groups, an artist who has had a stroke contributing towards the Association's CreateAbility project, and more.